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Vandalising free speech

29 October, 2008

Although I hate seeing all the signage up during elections and don’t particularly like to see tax dollars go to support advertising to ‘put the party back in political party’, I appreciate free speech.  What political sign vandals don’t realise is that they are paying for the signage they destroy, and at the same time are making a statement about free speech.  If I was a National supporter, to see a labour sign defaced and a national sign left untouched would mean that there was a national supporter out there that I wouldn’t want to share a party with. If your not happy with free speech and all it’s trappings then move yourself to one of the many dictatorships.  It’s kind of sad that people don’t realise that by having their ‘say’ they are not only vandalising signs but the right to speak.  If you want to protest – go and vote or write your own blog and stop trampling on others right to speech and property.


The suspicion that bankers were actually pirates was now confirmed……

3 April, 2008


God and Dogs…

1 April, 2008

Sometimes someone comes up with an analogy for an experience that just captures the thing. This one is a good one… although I tend to think that cat’s fit the bill a little better.

The Dog Allusion by Martin Rowson

“‘As with dogs, so with gods – by and large, you should blame the owners.’ A particular trait, common to all human civilisations, is the worship of non-human entities with followings of devotees who claim that their reverence can transport them to transcendental heights of complete and unfettered love. Do I mean God? No – I mean Dog. Dogs and other pets we’ve been keeping and loving since we began walking on two feet. But why do we love God – and pets – so much when their capriciousness sometimes suggests that they don’t love us back? In this wise, witty and highly topical book, celebrated cartoonist and novelist Martin Rowson argues that rationally, the whole enterprise of religion is a monumental and faintly ridiculous waste of time and money. But then again, so is pet-keeping. What both do, however, is tell us a lot about who we are, which is perhaps a more important question than whether God exists and if so, if he is indeed great. “

I wouldn’t mind reading this one. Let me know if you have

PS. Just so you know, my dog walks on water