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In Mindanao

15 May, 2008

Well here I am, in Davao Philippines.

It was quite uneventful getting here actually.  Hoped on a flight to Singapore then on to Cebu and Davao.  Davao has a nice small airport and was generally quite a welcoming place to arrive.  I got picked up by one of the drivers here, Jason, and went to the bank for some pesos and to a roadside cell phone store for a sim card.

Essentials out of the way I headed to the project office and met up with some of our colleges here.

After that I headed back to the city to stay in a Hotel, the Apo View Hotel in fact.  Reasonable although I seem to get lost between the lobby and the lifts.

Went for dinner at a buffet place just around the corner from the hotel and had rice, fish, mussels and some chicken and desert, all you could eat for 128p or around $5.00 Kiwi.

Everyone is friendly here and all up I think I will really enjoy my stay. Will blog more tomorrow but until then check out the photoblog I’ve started


Driving with Google…

30 April, 2008

Here’s a cool new addition to google maps….

You put in the driving directions and, if available, you can jump to street view and follow the path, not unlike an in-car GPS navigation system.  You can see where this one is headed.  Download the trip before you go and hey presto you not only have the map but landmarks photos etc.

Check out this video which gives you preview.

When will this sort of data be available in-car for less than a fortune?

Trip to the Philippines

30 April, 2008

Well, I’m off to work in the Philippines for a few months next week on Sunday.  I plan to keep this site updated with links to photos etc so keep a watch out if you want.

Here is where I’ll be going on google maps: