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Vandalising free speech

29 October, 2008

Although I hate seeing all the signage up during elections and don’t particularly like to see tax dollars go to support advertising to ‘put the party back in political party’, I appreciate free speech.  What political sign vandals don’t realise is that they are paying for the signage they destroy, and at the same time are making a statement about free speech.  If I was a National supporter, to see a labour sign defaced and a national sign left untouched would mean that there was a national supporter out there that I wouldn’t want to share a party with. If your not happy with free speech and all it’s trappings then move yourself to one of the many dictatorships.  It’s kind of sad that people don’t realise that by having their ‘say’ they are not only vandalising signs but the right to speak.  If you want to protest – go and vote or write your own blog and stop trampling on others right to speech and property.


Think before you handshake.

29 October, 2007

One thing that has always surprised me is the lack of hand washing in the first world. I can only comment on my own gender of course. During my construction worker days it was quite common not to be able to wash your hands out in the bush as there was no water around or the porta toilet didn’t have the capability. That was something you dealt with as part of the job and it was unfortunate but understandable and you took care. These days I work in offices and the number of times people I know who do their thing and leave without even hesitating at the sink really astonishes me! Sure, none of these people may have been to a country where evil diseases roam but surely they know about personal hygiene?? They are often highly educated! You tend to have an aversion to opening the bathroom door after you see someone leave in a hurry or reviewing the document they have just handed you….

Maybe our hygiene is going backward, either way, don’t handshake before lunch.

(Well that is that pressing issue off my chest for today)

The Little House in Matakana

22 May, 2007

Spent the afternoon in Matakana with friends at a flat/house warming this Saturday been. Despite the drive its beautiful country up there and with views of the sea in two directions and native bush in the other, its hard to go back to the city. Idyllic. Matakana itself surprised me as well as its quite upmarket being in the middle of some nice wine contry with beautiful beaches all quite close.

Flat warming was great and after the BBQ there was cheesecake and Pavlova – baked by the famous Matakana apprentice baker who’s flat we were warming. =) Yum. Here’s some photos (below). I’ve already been told that ‘the whole point was not to see the view but to see the house’ and ‘why didn’t i take any pictures of the inside’ which is fair enough… So, for the record its brand new inside and very comfortable!

From Back of Matakana

Nice Day for a Crash

7 May, 2007

My girlfriend was having a flat warming this weekend. I was on my way to get ice and managed to collect an older couple in a white station wagon. Fortunately, it wasn’t my fault, they failed to give way and no-one was hurt.

From Crash!

I was going north on St Andrews road, they were tuning out of a side street to go south on St Andrews and just didn’t see me. These things seem to happen in slow motion but before I knew it I was locked up and had hit them in their right front bumper. I pulled over and jumped out after seeing it was an older couple to check if they were ok. I think they thought I was coming to give them a piece of my mind or something more as they looked rather concerned however they were both fine. Shocked, but ok.
About 20 people appeared out of the surrounding houses, taking photos, etc.
Things looked worse than they were and all the water that poured out from under the couple’s bonnet was only the reserve water not the radiator. The damage to my car was only minimal. The bumper and licence plate were rather ‘modified’ but no structural damage that I have been able to notice. We exchanged details and thanked each other for being so pleasant.
The poor guy, by his own admission, he’s not had an accident in 25yrs and it must be sobering to realise that after such a good run, your reflexes are starting to betray you. The damage to his car was minor compared to his self confidence…. “ I just didn’t even see you… I hate to admit it is because of my old age but it sure looks like it… I’ve never had an accident in 25yrs…etc”

As for me, it was more traumatising calling the insurance company and getting them to sort things out for me. I must also admit that it won’t go down too badly for me as I had already damaged the bumper myself and now it has been more thoroughly damaged, I’ll have insurance to replace it.

Delayed the ice for a bit but all is ok now. If you’re going to have a crash, then you’d want them all to be as hassle/temper free as that one.

11 April, 2007

Latest photo pick: 20Ton Construction Blast

This is actually a series, so if 20 tons of explosives interests you (why wouldn’t it??) then go to the album and view it as a slide show (1 second transition).

Blog One

9 January, 2007

I’m starting out.
How do you choose a service/host to blog with?
I’ve no idea but tonight I have created around 5 blogs with varying levels of satisfaction (and frustration).
This has been the easiest so far and so far I have written the most with this one. Lets hope it sticks.
Anyway, I am now online.