Back again

Well, it’s been a while since I last posted.  I even thought of moving back to blogger but am continually hampered by each blog sites limitations.  They are free however and until I fork out the money for my own I suppose I will have to stick with it…

So, alot has happened since I last posted.  I made it back from the Philippines in one piece and with my health intact (unlike last time).

I’m engaged to a wonderful girl and am heading over to Malaysia to meet family in a few weeks.  I’ve even found a wedding venue for march next year.

I’m moving flats – don’t know where yet.

I’ve entered the round lake taupo bike challange (we call it that cause we are not going to win).

I’ve brought an Nokia N95.

I’m an uncle all over again and have found out that I’m going to be one again in around 6 months!

I’ll keep you posted.

(And keep this blog up to date a little more often).


One Response to “Back again”

  1. pedrolius Says:

    I was looking back over this and I did a double take at the uncle part. Again in 6 months?
    Sitting there staring at that sentence, I felt like I had been left out of the loop by the family, not told any of the important details.. My mind worked over and over and I couldn’t figure out how Gael could be having another baby without informing me. I figured out dates, and thought things over and was just about to call mum…
    Then I realized that its not only Gael and Stu that have babies, and it all became clear. LOL.
    So whens YOUR family starting?? =))

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