Starfish and others

This was a cool starfish.  I borrowed a friends camera and had to dive down to get a close up… about 20 to 30cm across.  Apparently a horned sea star  or ‘chocolate chip’ sea star- I have just gotten the photos from his camera so here it is.

A large white fish..


We found a cool ‘brain’ coral as well – this was around the exposed side of the island so there was a little more sand being kicked up and the water was less clear but you can see what I mean.

I also found some blue sea star and some little mudskippers on the mangroves around one side of the island.



3 Responses to “Starfish and others”

  1. Andy Says:

    Hey man, keep writing. It’s cool hearing about your adventures. Were you affected by the typhoon in the Phillipines that is on the news? Hope not. Stay safe and enjoy your container. Andy out.

  2. owenjohn Says:

    Andy, same to you (keep writing). The typhoon hasn’t affected us here – we are well below the typhoon circut in south Mindanao but plenty of people working with us are from affected regions. The ferry capsize was pretty drastic huh?

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