Hannies Inn

I’m currently residing in a business hotel, Hannie’s Inn.  It’s nice.  Only 1030peso’s per night (roughly 30NZD).  It’s right across the road from the Davao Coke bottling plant as seen in this photograph I took from the balcony while waiting for the driver.

At night the lights are on inside and you can see the rows of empty bottles being cleaned and filled.

The hotel is also only a short taxi ride (P70) to the large SM Mall and from Davao Central.  It’s near a major crossroads so is always bustling with people, jeepnees and bikes. 




7 Responses to “Hannies Inn”

  1. Juliet Says:

    i want to ask if we stay in your hotel for at least 1 month if we can get a discount. thnks

  2. Juliet Says:

    i want double room with queen sized bed… we will need this on march and april.

  3. verse Says:

    pls send me your contact no.thanks.

  4. verse Says:

    pls. send your contact no. thanks,

  5. Connie Says:

    Hannie”s inn is just a few meters from my house and we used o go there when my daughter and her husband camme from abroad and stay there.. Hannie’s inns contact number is ( 062) 297 3315

  6. Connie Says:


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