In Mindanao

Well here I am, in Davao Philippines.

It was quite uneventful getting here actually.  Hoped on a flight to Singapore then on to Cebu and Davao.  Davao has a nice small airport and was generally quite a welcoming place to arrive.  I got picked up by one of the drivers here, Jason, and went to the bank for some pesos and to a roadside cell phone store for a sim card.

Essentials out of the way I headed to the project office and met up with some of our colleges here.

After that I headed back to the city to stay in a Hotel, the Apo View Hotel in fact.  Reasonable although I seem to get lost between the lobby and the lifts.

Went for dinner at a buffet place just around the corner from the hotel and had rice, fish, mussels and some chicken and desert, all you could eat for 128p or around $5.00 Kiwi.

Everyone is friendly here and all up I think I will really enjoy my stay. Will blog more tomorrow but until then check out the photoblog I’ve started


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