Musical Equipment

I’m selling my bass amp today. It’s been sitting here in my room for years gathering dust and the last time I played through it was probably at least a few years ago. There comes a time when those old musical instruments or equipment must go. Of course, I will still be a rock star at some point in the future but at the moment, the amp is just money sitting there getting in the way of me moving around the world.

Maybe you can empathise with me, maybe not but either way I’m sure you’ll understand how much you can get attached to a piece of wood or electrical equipment. When that lifeless piece of equipment has been an instrument that has enabled an expression of yourself you begin to think that it’s not so lifeless after all and the parting is all the more difficult.

Oh well. I can always buy another one when I have the space for it. Anyone have a small practice bass amp they would like to sell me?


2 Responses to “Musical Equipment”

  1. American Musical Supply Says:

    Mr. Owenjohn,
    I too know what it feels like to let go. I would like to come to your aid. I have a full line of Bass amps large and small. I can meet your every need. I also offer many bass effects to help you become the rockstar that you want to be.

    Look me up,

  2. owenjohn Says:

    Awesome long range marketing! I wonder what it costs to ship even a practice amp from their warehouses in New Jersey????
    However, they have achieved their aim of upping their online profile.
    Good on you ya american musical supply…

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