Think before you handshake.

One thing that has always surprised me is the lack of hand washing in the first world. I can only comment on my own gender of course. During my construction worker days it was quite common not to be able to wash your hands out in the bush as there was no water around or the porta toilet didn’t have the capability. That was something you dealt with as part of the job and it was unfortunate but understandable and you took care. These days I work in offices and the number of times people I know who do their thing and leave without even hesitating at the sink really astonishes me! Sure, none of these people may have been to a country where evil diseases roam but surely they know about personal hygiene?? They are often highly educated! You tend to have an aversion to opening the bathroom door after you see someone leave in a hurry or reviewing the document they have just handed you….

Maybe our hygiene is going backward, either way, don’t handshake before lunch.

(Well that is that pressing issue off my chest for today)


One Response to “Think before you handshake.”

  1. Brent Says:

    I have full sympathy with your sentiments on this issue. I always look for the least likely place to have been touched while prising open the door of a public bathroom.

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