Arduous Work Trips

The lack of posting this time is down to an arduous work trip that I’ve been on inspecting Filipino dams.

I hadn’t travelled to the Philippines before so it was a great experience culturally and since the dams we were inspecting are some of the largest in the region (south east asia) it is no surprise to those who know me that I was constantly inspired.

Stayed in Manila for the weekends and during the week I travelled with colleges out to the dam sites roughly 200km north of Manila. Crazy driving and crazier traffic meant some blurry photos of the beautiful scenery. The Filippino contryside is very green (even coming from NZ) and beautiful.

Dams and irrigation schemes were beautiful also although in some cases the structures themselves had not been maintained quite so well. It fell to me to do some of the reservoir (lake made by the dam) inspections which made for a great day out aside from the 3 to 4 hours driving over rough winding roads.
Here are some photos (Just an unedited start) of the first week I had there.

Other cultural experiences included:
Open air banquets of local fish
Riding in a Jeepnee
My first Balut
Shopping at the Mall of Asia
Manila Traffic Jams
Will post more in future and will update the photo album…


4 Responses to “Arduous Work Trips”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    John, totally forgot about your trip, but keen as to hear about it. Loved the photos. I probably owe you a beer anyway, so let’s catch up soon – Andy.

  2. Jo Says:

    Hi John
    I just re-read this blog as I’m putting all my feeds onto my lovely new little laptop that I can take anywhere which is a blessing. Anyhow, I digress!
    I can’t resist asking why your work trip was passionate?
    i.e. defines ardor 1. as great warmth of feeling; fervor; passion: She spoke persuasively and with ardor.
    2. intense devotion, eagerness, or enthusiasm; zeal: his well-known ardor for Chinese art.

    I think you meant arduous?
    your friend the Speech Therapist!!!

  3. owenjohn Says:

    Ahhh yes, the engineer is caught out again. As you can tell I’m not quite as passionate about my spelling! LOL Cheers Jo. It’s been fixed. =)

  4. Jo Says:

    But clearly I’m not so nit picky about double posting… sorry

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