Catch phrase…

The last little while has been hectic – professionally and privately. Thus the lack of blogs.
Always think about blogging something but after a while, it all builds up and then there is just too much swimming around in my head for me to zero in on one.

I’ve always been a sucker for a good original quote, so here are a few I’ve been the benefactor of recently…

“… that looks like it was built by the first two little pigs!” Danny Bhoy

Rather appropriate considering the roof blew off the site office I’ve been working in.
I’m also saving this up for a site inspection at some point…
Went to watch him (quoted above) last night which was good fun. Couple of thoughts on watching comedians though. I’m used to listening to people speak in either a university setting, work presentation, or church. So when listening to a speaker your often watching for an argument, opinion or strong bias of some sort. Funny thing was with this guy was that it was just a string of random thoughts, most of them funny but most of them not giving away anything that would alienate him from his audience aside from the occasional rude or slightly anti religious joke. I was entertained but my attention wandered, and I realised that the opinion is what keeps me interested. A strong argument engages me. A bias gets my blood going. Just a thought.

“Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.” Tom Standage

The statement that makes all of us agnostic at best… said in the context of the scientific community attempting (impossibly) to prove a negative. The case in context: damage caused by cell phones. Or GM. Or the effect of overhead power lines.
Some bold and great thoughts from the imaginations of many in a book I’m reading called “What we believe but cannot prove – today’s leading thinkers on science in the age of certainty” edited by John Brockman.

“Perhaps your spreadsheet is poorly concieved and does not capture the complexity of the real world” Asok in Dilbert 08/08/07

Everyone who has done any excel modeling will be nodding…. This was played out for me the day I recieved this particular beauty. For those of you who are not getting it, all the better for you.


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