The Little House in Matakana

Spent the afternoon in Matakana with friends at a flat/house warming this Saturday been. Despite the drive its beautiful country up there and with views of the sea in two directions and native bush in the other, its hard to go back to the city. Idyllic. Matakana itself surprised me as well as its quite upmarket being in the middle of some nice wine contry with beautiful beaches all quite close.

Flat warming was great and after the BBQ there was cheesecake and Pavlova – baked by the famous Matakana apprentice baker who’s flat we were warming. =) Yum. Here’s some photos (below). I’ve already been told that ‘the whole point was not to see the view but to see the house’ and ‘why didn’t i take any pictures of the inside’ which is fair enough… So, for the record its brand new inside and very comfortable!

From Back of Matakana

2 Responses to “The Little House in Matakana”

  1. Isabel Says:

    I think Matakana is great, close to the sea and rolling country side and the bakery is famous I think!
    I love those punga trees in the foreground there

  2. Andy Says:

    Hey man, amazing pictures. I’m still reeling from your earlier post. You get a blimp! Awesome…

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