I’m only happy when it rains….

Most people get to see the fruit of their work in the short term but for some of us the work sits for years before reaching fruition. For me, the large hydraulic structures I have designed sit dormant, passing mere trickles while waiting for the deluge that will prove them. It’s a rare opportunity to see some real (quantities of) water flowing through them so when the rain came down the other day I wasn’t hunkering down inside, instead I could be found tramping onto site to see the havoc that was being wrought by what turned out to be a 5yr to 10yr storm. I got soaked; I got a 4WD stuck (so much for my 4WD skill) and went through 3 changes of clothes. But I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Here are a few photos/videos of some of my structures and pipes with water in them. The amount of water doesn’t seem much but considering these small streams only have around 1litre per second flowing through them, having 2000 litres is a reasonable event. Of course I don’t think I’ll be going out in the 100yr event which is what these are designed for.

March Storm

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