The West Coast

Went to Piha (40min west of Auckland) on Saturday with friends. Its been too long since I’ve been to a real beach!

East coast beaches have a polished look to my west coast eye. I prefer the rugged cliffs and black of the sand.

Auckland west coast beaches are quite dangerous or so they tell us. People die. My suspicion is that they are frequented by Aucklanders used to dipping there toes into the gently lapping waters of the Hauraki Gulf at the somewhat less inspiring beaches of Mission Bay (sorry Richard) and Kohimarama. Beaches that present the sea in a tamed, dumbed down and placid mood. No respect of the sea is gained.
Those same toe wetters blithely enter the Tasman, where the mood is more excitable, and are sucked toes and all into the turbulent water. The seas respect is quickly regained, unfortunately too late for some.

Anyway, its so refreshing to be swimming in the surf. The feel of a wave as you duck underneath and feel its turbulence roll over your back. The taste of salt water when you’ve half drowned after that rouge wave set has dumped you.

Help me solve the riddle of the beach patterns i photographed from lion rock. I cant see any footprints… how on earth did they do this and get the curves so symmetrical??

2007-03-24 Piha

3 Responses to “The West Coast”

  1. belle80 Says:

    reading this is making me homesick. Its so great to find an old contact bloggin away. Yeah! The mysterious rings in the sand ….. I can’t explain the lack of footprints, but how this:
    A wheel attached to a rope as the centre piece and gradually letting out the rope to make bigger arcs…?

  2. owenjohn Says:

    It’s a good therory, I honestly can’t come up with anything better. =)
    There are so many people blogging these days its great fun. Saves all the same emails to everyone. And its fun!

  3. Brent Says:

    Some beautiful photos there, John. I agree with belle80 — they make me homesick.
    Beijing has broken out in green in the last few weeks, but it’s still a big old city of 15+ million, miles from any beach.

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