The Long Weekend

Had a great weekend last weekend. Got in my car and traveled from Auckland to Wellington on Saturday morning to arrive in time for Kirsty’s wedding on the 3rd at 3pm. It’s been a while since i did the length of the island and the drive along the desert road was really nice.
Once in Waikani I left SH1 to travel inland across the hills to Upper Hutt. The wedding venue was at a country club about midway between the two.
She was married in a wonderful little garden and the rain held off until the end when there was just a quick shower. Reception was just as pleasant and relaxed and it was great to catch up with friends and Kirsty’s brothers as well. See some photos here.
Went into town (Wellington) to see a friend afterward and went to see his flat on Aro street in wellington. If there ever was the quintessential wellington flat, this was it. We left a street of cafes, art suppliers, and movie hire shops to wander up a steep alley where the houses are literally almost stacked and jammed up against each other. He has a great view of the harbour and the steep valley opposite. Hopped into the car and drove back to Taranaki where i took some photos to test out a new camera.
Good to catch up with family and see the nephews and niece.
Drove back to Auckland on the Monday and of course had Waitangi day off as well.
Allot of driving but an excellent weekend


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