Buying a Camera – Web Plug

Here is a shameless plug for a website that I have found useful.
I have been in the market for a camera for a very long time now and have watched the development of the various components for a little while. Digital cameras are prolific however and one store can only stock so many. How do you find what you want and how it compares with other cameras. Basically there is too much information/cameras out there for a shop salesman to be able to comprehend. My current team leader at work has a site he is a strong devotee of so i gave it a go. The site is and is the best i could find. You can find indepth reviews on any camera you could think of, along with buyers guides and plenty of independant opinions regarding each and every camera. One of the most powerful options is the ability to compare cameras side by side. Once you’ve decided how many MP you want and what type of camera you’d like eg. point and shoot, SLR or other, you use this tool to compare similar cameras of the same or differing brands. BRILLIANT.

PS. I ended up getting myself a Sony DSC-H2. Not many complaints so far.


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