Launching into the Koran

Reading: “The Koran” English translation by N. J. Dawood.

I know its not proper to read in anything other than Arabic but I want to understand it. Penguin has been working on this translation since 1956. Does that mean its more accurate now or just that its been “worked over” so much that it doesn’t represent the Arabic? With the Bible it is generally accepted that after reading a few translations you can discern more closely the original meaning. Maybe I will read a few versions of the Koran as i would with the bible although I know that this is not good enough for most Muslims. I’m not about to learn Arabic though, (i don’t know Hebrew or ancient Greek either) so, will confine my self to the English for now and read what the scholars say about the areas I find controversial.

Here is something that concerned me in the the introduction by the translator:

“It ought to borne in mind that the Koran contains many statements, which, if not recognized as altogether obscure, lend themselves to more than one interpretation.”

I’m not sure what to make of that at present but was promised footnotes to the “statements” in the same introduction so will see how they ride.


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