My life has allot to do with saving fish at the moment.

I’m currently working on a Motorway Project as a water engineer. This is generally pretty straight forward civil engineering, e.g., designing pipes, bridges and other diversions for stormwater and stream flows. However, this project passes through some very sensitive ecosystems including some of Auckland’s most valuable streams. We have spend allot of time and money providing for these fish and animals and have been very happy with the results as a whole.

I realised that this was not the first time i had worked to save fish… here are some pictures of the first hands on effort i made back in 1999 in a culvert in Taranaki.

SH3 Culvert 2498

I was working as a site surveyor for an earthmoving company called Hurlstone Earthmoving and in the time when no survey was needed I did anything that was needed, including lugging rocks into culverts. Nothing like hauling 300-500mm rock into a culvert to toughen you up.

Unfortunately this culvert didn’t work out as planned… these photos were taken last year sometime and allot of the rock had been scoured out.

Lets hope the ones I help design last for a while longer.


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