Music Genome Project Rocks!

This is my latest discovery… Pandora.

This is an online radio from the people behind the Music Genome Project.
I get frustrated listening to the same old music over and over, and to expand your music library you need to be in music shops, and listening to music at gigs and such. I love music but I don’t really have the time for either so its always hard to find new music that I like.

It has gotten easier to browse and listen to music online these days as you can listen to snippets on plenty of music download sites. However its not the same as being able to listen to the whole track… Pandora has solved my problem (so far).
Here is how it works:
You put in a track or an artist you like (see screenshot below) and the program goes through its database and selects music that is similar to the song/artist you have plugged in.

It then plays these to you much like an online radio station without the advertising. Brilliant.

I haven’t found the limits of the music collection yet and I’m not quite sure how big it is but have found it great so far. You can add more ‘seed’ artists to a station or just create a new station altogether. All along you can tell it what you like and don’t like, and it refines its selection. Its very intuitive.

I put a couple of artists I liked into it and it figured out half of my music collection on the first day. Its like it knows me.
The main thing is that I have discovered new bands I like… I have a personal DJ.

So, if you have a bit of extra bandwidth hanging around, check this out.. (Pandora – personalised online radio) (Music Genome Project)

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